Nov 16, 2009

Simplifying the Process of Cleaning Your Printer
Oct 13, 2009

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Our Simple Printer-Cleaning Service
Josh Garland

Is your printer causing you grief? Did you know that a dirty printer can be the main cause many of the annoying problems like; paper jams, miss feeds, dirty pages and noisy printing? For your peace of mind and to minimize downtime, in a world that doesn’t have time to wait, a printer cleaning maybe just what is needed.

Over the last 15 years, we have noticed, that we see those clients who get their printers cleaned; less often than those who wait until their printers break. Remember, your printer can be the most expensive piece of equipment in your office and it needs to work when you need it. A cleaning is quick, inexpensive and when it is performed properly; this proactive service will save you money in the long run.

This is what we will do. We will arrange a time that is convenient for you. Our highly qualified and trained technicians will come to your office; clean and inspect your printer. They will also make recommendations; should you have parts that are worn and need replacement. The services included are.

·         Remove the dust and toner from inside your printer.

·         Clean all of the rubber paper feed rollers.

·         Clean all the electrical contacts.

·         Check the paper path for debris, like bits of paper or staples.

·         Inform you of any parts that need replacing due to wear and tear.

·         Clean the external case.

All this to keep and you printing smoothly and with as few interruptions as possible.

Cleaning are $50.00 (+ tax) per printer and if booked before the end of the April you will qualify for a 10% discount on any parts required.